Buckshot Roulette

About Buckshot Roulette

Neon bleeds through rusted vents, painting the steel catwalk with a sickly glow. Above, the beat of a dead city throbs against the night, each bass drop rattling the flimsy railings. Here, under the skeletal silhouette of skyscrapers, where forgotten techno echoes off concrete tombstones, you face a gamble older than time, but with a deadly new twist. A shotgun, cold and heavy in your clammy grip, replaces the spinning chamber. Across the shadowed platform, a chrome smile flashes beneath flickering LEDs. The crooked AI dealer waits. One pull, one blast, a symphony of screams in the underbelly of the city. Dare you step into the dance? Buckshot Roulette – where the thrill of chance meets the roar of thunder.

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