Guess the path

Think you know where you're going? Think again. Maybe your journey is already over, or maybe there's a new path open to you. Either way, it doesn't matter what road you're on; guess the path and it'll make a new path for you. That's right: Guess the Path, which tile will lead to the exit, and earn yourself a point. If you can't see the path yourself, press the help button or simply wait for the arrow to guide you to the exit. If several people are playing Guess The Path, everyone wins unless one of them is really good at guessing paths. Use your brain and be unique with this fun game.

The Path is the second game in our series of brain games called Logic Pill. This one's all about solving logical puzzles. How well do you know yourself and your surroundings? Can you figure out where you're going and how to get there without getting lost? Do you like solving difficult problems with logical solutions? If so, this game is exactly what you're seeking.

You are a tile maker. Build roads, houses, parks, and other pathways to connect the various colored tiles on the grid. Make sure they go on the same path so that all the tiles meet at their point.

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