Kodoku? This one is a Japanese word meaning to pinch or squeeze. It can also describe the practice of collecting data on subjects who have an unwanted interest in you, for example, a data miner who pings your server every time you visit a certain page or App. It’s a game that makes you feel uncomfortable and even afraid. But do not worry, it’s nothing to be afraid of! It’s actually something that everyone experiences from time to time. We all know someone who seems to constantly be collecting information about us without our consent or knowledge. Maybe they’re an employer looking to get a sense of your career goals and interests, or maybe they’re a family member or friend who just thinks it would be fun to play close-minded psychological games with your friends.

Japanese games are a treasure trove of obscure yet brilliant nuggets of gameplay. Many of them are difficult to play or understand, and most Western players probably wouldn’t know what to do if they found themselves in the presence of one. Fortunately, there are plenty of expert players out there who love to share their knowledge with the world. One such player is Kazma This amazing game, better known as Kazuo “ This amazing game ” Kanazawa on stream. He’s made his living playing video games professionally for many years now, and he’s recently taken up streaming again in order to help others learn the art of playing video games.

If you’ve played video games, you know they’re more than just mindless entertainment. Many of them offer a meaningful experience, with secrets and challenges that take skill and focus to master. A game might be simple in concept, like jigsaw puzzles or word games, but the deeper you look, the more hidden treasures you’ll discover. And if it involves measuring something physical or mental (such as your brainpower or concentration), it’s probably a game you should consider.

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