New Daily Sudoku

Are you a fan of sudoku? If yes, then this game is for you! Sudoku gives you a new challenge every day - removing all the zeros from the columns from left to right. Sounds easy enough, but it can get tricky real quick. Try not = to use your calculator or your brain when solving these puzzles. For example, if in column C six numbers are left to right + subtracting 77 then your answer is in column A. Or let's say you're given a new daily sudoku grid with 10 rows and columns. You must remove all the zeros from each row and column, starting with the topmost row and moving down. Simple, right?

This is the new daily Sudoku puzzle, a game that you can play while you wait for work, or even during your commute. The rules are simple: the objective is to complete a Sudoku grid without using more than 15 seconds of your time per day. How to Play? 4 easy steps: - Discovery: Find out what type of Sudoku puzzles you like to solve - Genre: Check out which category suits you best - Variety: Choose from different difficulty levels and difficulties of the grid itself Once you’ve chosen, just start solving! 

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