Fruit Sudoku

Try your logical skills in solving this Sudoku game. Follow the steps below to play: You have 3 hours to solve as many sudoku answers as possible. Use up all the fruits in a row by matching three or more fruits of the same type. Have fun playing! Use arrow keys to play and Q for quit. Fruits Sudoku is an online puzzle game with simple rules where you must match at least three consecutive fruit icons in a row to progress. In this fun game, you will also be provided with hints if you need them but are too confused to continue on your own. Are you ready to have some fun playing Fruits Sudoku? Let's start.

The answer to the fruity puzzle is on your side! Try and solve these fruit Sudoku puzzles and you’ll soon see why many people love this challenging logic game. Sudoku is a game where you have to make logical decisions based on physical objects around you. For example, if you’re playing against the clock and have only a few seconds left to guess each surrounding fruit, you’ll need to make sure that each one has at least one berry in it. What's more, by including some branches or other plants as well as fruits, you can play it even faster.

How to play Sudoku? Sudoku is a logic-based puzzle, in which each row must contain only one kind of fruit – orange or apple. You can play Sudoku using your brain as well as your fingers. Try it and you will surely love this game.

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