Pokedoku - Pokemon Grid Game

About Pokedoku

Pokedoku - a captivating fusion of the Immaculate Grid concept and the enchanting world of Pokemon. Your mission? Solve a 3x3 grid in just nine calculated guesses, but this time with a delightful Pokemon twist. Ready to embark on this unique puzzle journey? Play now and embrace the challenge!

How to play Pokedoku

Pokedoku Grid Rules:

Your mission is to fill all nine cells with accurate Pokemon characters.

A meager nine guesses are at your disposal; precision is your ally.

Multiple correct answers may exist. For example, if a cell straddles Fire
and Fighting types, options like Blaziken and Infernape fit the bill.

No substitutions are allowed once a Pokemon is placed; your choice is final.

The Essence of Pokedoku

Pokedoku, often referred to as Pokemon Wordle or Pokemon Grid, emerges as a thrilling and imaginative gaming marvel. It beautifully marries the brain-teasing intrigue of Wordle with the beloved charm of the Pokemon universe. Engaging, challenging, and ever so enticing – that's the essence of Pokemon Grid.


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