Only 1 color per line

You need to draw a picture of the colors in order from the reddest to the most blue. The fewer colors you have to draw from, the harder it will be. 

Just one color or a whole lotta colors? Use your brain to find the right answer in this fun and challenging Sudoku puzzle game. You can either play the traditional mode or play against realistic computer opponents that have been trained to anticipate your moves. The rules are simple: You have nine squares to work with. Each row, column, and sub-row adds an extra square to the board, making it harder to plan out your strategy. The more colors you use, the trickier it gets and that’s where you come in! Analyze each color code, its position on the grid, and its effect on completing the puzzle. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! There are over 250 different sudoku puzzles to solve so you’ll need all of your logical faculties to get ready for this challenge. What’s also great is that once you master these games, you can move onto even more difficult levels with increasing difficulty. 


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