Seashells Sudoku

The seashells Sudoku puzzle game is an easy and fun way to spend a few minutes. The aim of the game is to fill each grid cell with a sea shell. To do this, you must place more than one sea shell in any row, column, or single row/column. For example, if you have a 9-cell board then 9 sea shells would be placed in every 9 rows, 9 columns and 1 single row/column would be filled with sea shells. Try not to overcrowd the board though! Once all the cells are covered then that’s the end of that sea shell as far as you’re concerned! Simple right? Let’s get started! The seashells Sudoku game is easy and fun to pass some time. 

Have you ever wondered what kind of fish live in the sea? If so, we’ve got some good news for you. The seashells game is an extremely addictive and challenging sudoku puzzle game that will take your brain to new heights! You can also refer to it as “Sea Shells Sudoku”. It’s a brand-new type of sudoku puzzle with shells. You can find us at our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to keep updated about the new puzzles added to the game.

The weather has been pretty good the past few days. The clouds are still there, but they’re not as bad as they were a week ago. On the other hand, we’ve been getting more and more rain. Apparently, it’s coming our way! But how can you prevent it? With seashells! You may not be able to stop the rain, but at least you can protect your little ones from getting wet.

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