Sudoku Deluxe

Sudoku Deluxe is a fun and challenging numbers puzzle game. You are given anagrams of numbers, and you have to solve them by matching the digits. To do this, you must think ahead. For instance, if you’re given the number 12, it does not necessarily mean that you’re being asked to solve for ‘12’. You might instead be asked to find the sum of every digit from 1 to 12, or vice versa. In This amazing game, you play against the clock and try to find all of the anagrams of numbers between one and 11 MAX. Can you earn all 18 Medals in time? What kind of puzzles can you handle? Take your skills to the next level with this amazing game.

This amazing game is a free and fun game to play. You are given 6 white squares as the answers to a 9-in-a-row puzzle. You must then fill in the rest of the black squares using numbers from 1 to 6. Sounds easy enough, but it’s actually quite difficult! With only 60 seconds per play, you don’t have much time to figure everything out. Can you reach 7 full positions without making a mistake? This is a more challenging version of Sudoku than you probably think. Try it here with no limits!

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