Sudoku Royal

Sudoku is a logic puzzle, where players must fill in numbers using only the five basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and addition or subtraction of digits). The object of the game is to finish a Sudoku board by matching up numbers using only these five operations. Once you learn how to play Sudoku, it’s almost impossible to put it down. But what if you could INVENT NEW SUDOKU boards with INFINISHING BONUSES? What if the BEST SELLING PUZZLE GAME OF ALL TIME was also the MOST INTERESTING? What if you could play this INTensely Strategic World Class Game for as little as Well… that’s what Sudokus+ is all

Super Sudoku Royal is a logic puzzle game where you have to cross off all the numbers that are not in a given row, column or Box. The more numbers you cross off the higher score you get! But be careful, because if you cross off an odd number it will make that row, column or box even harder to solve. Try not to make yourself dizzy by playing too many levels as the game gets increasingly difficult in order to earn the most

Sudoku is a logic game played with 9x9 grid-like pieces called Sudoku board cells. Each player takes turns adding a new row, column, or triplet to their already constructed sutoku board. The first person to fill in all of the cells with distinct non-empty intersections

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